Simplex Control Panel, Control Logic Panel, VFD

Simplex Control Panel, Control Logic Panel, VFD


 We Custom build to suit the needs of our Customers. Shown in the pictures are a  Simplex 460 Volt, 3 Phase, 10 Horse Power Control Panel, a Control Logic Panel, and a  Simplex 460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Horse Power VFD Panel.

Simplex Control Panels are designed in general to control and monitor the functions of a pump station with a single submersible pump. This includes a circuit for the submersible pump, built-in high water alarm, and other functions depending on the model of the pump and the requirements needed.

A Control Logic is a key part of a software program that controls the operations of the program we built the Control Panel to house the Control Logic software. The Control Logic responds to commands from the user, and it acts on its own to perform automated tasks that have been structured into the program.

The VFD Panel (Variable Frequency drive panel) also known as VFD Control Panel are designed to control the speed of electric motor and feed pump. 


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