Why Custom Control Technologies?


Custom Control Panels OhioCustom control panels that are actually "custom" are becoming a rarer and rarer thing. Many companies that promise a custom design, just take what they have and make alterations, retrofitting the pre-existing panel, and calling that custom. Our panels are truly custom, built to precisely what your engineer needs. 


Custom Control Panels Ohio

We are uniquely well-suited to create these, as the team of four partners that owns Custom Control Technologies, LLC and are all engineers. We've been designing and building things by hand before AutoCAD existed, and have 100 years of combined experience in this field. And while we've kept up with all of the latest technologies from computers to water treatment plants, there's one thing that we remain stubbornly old-fashioned about: our customer service.

Expert Personnel at the Front Lines


Custom Control PanelsWe believe that when you call our office, a real live human being should answer the phone. Her name is Kerrie, by the way. We know our stuff backwards and forwards and can troubleshoot our panels over the phone with our hands tied behind our backs (so long as we're on speakerphone). When you're starting up your water plant for the first time, we'll be available by cell phone to walk you through anything that might not be functioning properly. 99% of the time, it's nothing to do with our control panels, but we'll still happily help you figure out what the problem is.

That's the way we believe business should be done, and it's the kind of company we are.