Duplex Control Panel

Duplex Control Panel


 Duplex Control Panel- We Custom build Duplex Control Panels for Environmental, Industrial and Wastewater Treatment to name just a few. We are UL 508 Certified.

Duplex control panels are designed to control and monitor duplex pump stations with two submersible pumps. They include the circuit breaker for the pump, a high water alarm, and fuses for the alarm circuit. They also include an automatic alternating relay which alternates between which pump runs the cycle.

A standard duplex control panel can operate with 3 or 4 float switches. The standard 3 float setup has PUMP OFF, PUMP ON, and HIGH LEVEL floats. A 4 float setup would have a PUMP OFF, PUMP 1 ON (LEAD ON), PUMP 2 ON (LAG ON), and HIGH LEVEL floats.

The control panel has an alternating relay that switches between PUMP 1 and PUMP 2 after every cycle during automatic operation. This means that once the liquid level reaches the PUMP ON float that PUMP 1 will run until the liquid level reaches the PUMP OFF float. At this time the alternating relay will switch to PUMP 2 and it will follow this same cycle and the alternating relay will switch back to PUMP 1 and so on.

On this particular Duplex Control Panel in the pictures it was Custom  built for  a Sewer Extension  Project in Louisiana.  


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